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Hot steam arose from the shallow bath water, and like snakes it wrapped it's self around the two bodies. The tan woman straddled on top of her weaker, paler partner. She pushed the girls shoulders down to the bottom of the tub, her head and neck just above the surface. Her brown eyes pierced down into the girls blue eyes. She chuckled warmly, with a devilish upward pull on the left side of her mouth.
    "I could strangle you to death right now," she sneered, "if I wanted to." She cupped the girls throat with one strong hand.
    The girl below her simply looked into the women's eyes, not fighting back. "I know." She replied calmly. Her eyes seemed to sparkle with the woman's light grip. The brown woman leaned in closer to the girl, the tip of her hair grazed the girls skin gently. In one quick motion the woman put her other hand over the girls mouth and nose, while tightening her grip on her throat.
    The weaker one didn't struggle, she just looked into her dark brown eyes. No other pressure was added by the strong hands, they both seemed to pause as they looked into each other. The younger weaker one felt all possibility of air fade. She took pleasure from the feeling. Same as the woman felt pleasure knowing the girls life was at her hands. 
    She released her grip on the girl, and sat upright on her knees, her legs open. The pale girls legs slipped under them. The hot water lapping at their naked bodies.
    "Come here." The tan woman commanded as she outstretched her arm and gently caressed the back of the girls neck.
     The girl sat up and felt her other soft hand glide across her back. "I desire you." She whispered as she rested her head on the woman's tan shoulders.


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